• Classify your tweets into categories.
  • Rate your tweets.


  • Search tweets according to authors, hashtags, mentions, categories or content.
  • Mix these criteria for more accuracy.
  • Save your requests for more speed.
  • Sort search results according to several mixable criteria (date, number of retweets, ...)


Use statistical tools to discover:

  • the reasons why a tweet is popular,
  • the most used hashtags
  • the most mentioned users
  • the most performant contributors in a specific category
  • ... and many other things.


Share your tweets and favorites

  • Make a tweet visible on your public page with a single click.
  • Create topics on your public page.


Make your subscription profitable.

A system of sponsoring allows you, if you benefit from it, to sponsor new users (children).

This will give the right :

  • to you, to have a percentage on all purchases made by your children and grandchildren,
  • to your children to get discounted prices.
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Getting Started

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