7 strengths to choose Socialfave.

Take the most powerful search module existing

  • Reach your data in seconds.
  • Enjoy an amazing system of filters and tags.
  • Grow fast and smart your community, targeting: areas, towns, industries, kinds of users, hashtags, …

Be smart with your content

  • Analyze your Tweets, Retweets and likes.
  • Sort them easily via tags and easy ranking.
  • Discover what works the best in your community.
  • Then, Tweet a better way!

Follow the best the fastest

  • Quickly identify people who will strongly matter in your community.
  • Unfollow the fastest and safest way, keeping data.
  • Tag and use filters to: reach, classify, sort, act (follow, unfollow, whitelist, blacklist, …)
  • Grow your customers, influencers, engagers.

Enjoy awesome analytics

  • Analyze what works for you and what does not.
  • Enjoy powerful filters to refine your requests.
  • Obtain a large result of main metrics and KPIs.
  • Measure your influence.

Schedule and go to sleep

  • Tweet the best at the golden hours and days.
  • Set daily calendars or fix precise dates and time.
  • Set calendars for specific actions: Golden hours, Follow Friday, Thank new followers, …

Interact & build engagement

  • Share your Socialfave's public profiles by topics, using the dedicated hashtags.
  • Generate positive engagement on Twitter (followings, listings, Retweets, likes, mentions, …).
  • Thank new followers, thank top engagers, with or without our unique matrix.

Just… grow your ROI!

  • Benefit from a real multiple accounts tool to work simultaneously or independantly.
  • Benefit from a huge "one-in-one" Twitter tool, grouping all the best features.
  • Save a precious time!