7 strengths to choose Socialfave.

Your Content Module: Tweets, RTs, likes

  • Reach all the data you need in seconds.
  • Sort easily.
  • Discover what works for you.
  • Reduce "noise" on your timeline.

Your Community Module

  • Interact & build engagement the best way.
  • Grow your community of: customers, influencers, engagers.
  • Target your community.
  • Rank and rate your community.
  • Sort your new followers, unfollowers etc.
  • Quickly identify people who will strongly matter in your community.
  • Generate positive engagement.

Your Scheduler

  • Save a precious time!
  • Tweet at golden hours and on golden days.
  • Set your calendars to save your time.
  • Thank new followers, Follow Friday etc.
  • Tweet an elegant picture including your best engagers' photos.

Your Public Profile

  • Collect your content.
  • Sort your content by topics.
  • Share your content easily

Search Module

  • Save your priceless time using our system of filters and tags.
  • Find the data you need in seconds.

Analytics (KPIs)

  • Analyze your Community and your Content.
  • Analyze what works for you and what does not.
  • Measure your influence.

Tags System

  • Target your Community and your Content using the most appriopriate tags.