Manage and analyze your community

  • Quickly find the accounts to follow (targeting precisely) or to unfollow (inactive accounts, unfollowers,  …).
  • Set filters to find the best people to follow: size, activity, type, geographic or demographic attributes. Over 40 available filters.
  • Be more efficient by assigning tags to the users (to sort them or mark them for later action) and a rating.
  • Analyze your community and its evolution with accuracy.

Grow your community

  • Find new accounts to follow (customers, influencers, …) in a competitor's community or directly in Twitter users.
  • Target Twitter users based on more than 40 criteria: network (number of followers, number of followings, …), activity (number of Tweets, latest Tweet date, …), profile (bio, website, location, …), or geographic or demographic attributes (country, language, gender, …)
  • Analyze the community of your competitors or even a group of Twitter users thanks to over 20 metrics (main KPIs).

Search and analyze your Tweets, Retweets & likes

  • Quickly find your Tweets using more than 20 filters (content, engagement, author, …)
  • Get more efficiency by assigning tags to the Tweets (to sort them or mark them for later action) and a rating.
  • Analyze your Tweets thanks to the numerous statistics: hashtags and mentions that generated the most engagement, best time for Tweeting, …

Schedule your Tweets

  • Schedule a Tweet at a specific date and time or according to a calendar.
  • Create as many calendars as you wish, depending on the importance of the Tweets or their target.
  • Create calendars with different Tweeting times for each day if you wish.
  • Prepare a Tweet and submit it later.
  • Embellish your Tweet with an image (matrix) grouping the profile images of the users you mention in the text.

Share your favorite Tweets

  • Share your favorite Tweets to a public profile.
  • Organize your public profile by topics.
  • Publish your Tweets manually or automatically (according to the criteria of your choice among more than 20).