Terms & Conditions


Only the General Conditions written in the French language have a legal value. This translation is supplied only to facilitate the understanding of the document. In case of difference between this translation and the version in French language, the latter prevails. See the french version of this document.

The User recognizes to have acquainted with the present General Conditions, available on all the pages of the site, before creating an account. As a consequence, the User who signs a subscription accepts all of the terms and conditions of the present document.

This document applies, unless otherwise mentioned, to all the proposed, present services or those to come.

1. Definitions

2. Description of the Application

The Application allows the Users to manage their Twitter tweets and favorites and to publish tweets on a public profile.

3. Access to the Application

In order to access to the Application, the User has to open an account.

He or she can then connect to the Application by means of the email address and of the password that he specified during the creation of the account. It is the responsibility of the User to choose a not easily discoverable password and to keep it secret. In case of loss of the password, a link allowing to choose a new password is sent to the email address specified during the opening of the account.

Alternately, the User can connect by means of one of the Twitter accounts registered in the Application (see following paragraph).

To be able to use actually the Application, the User has to register at least one Twitter account. While this operation, the User will have to confirm that he or she authorizes the Application to use this account.

4. Subscription

4.1. Terms of payment

The payment is made via PayPal. A PayPal account is necessary to proceed to the opening of an account on the Application.

When the User creates an account or when he or she modifies his or her subscription, a PayPal Recurrent Payment, which the User has to validate (the User is redirected towards the PayPal site for that purpose) is created (and the precedent deleted in the case of a modification of subscription). The Recurring Payment will not be modified without the explicit agreement of the User.

The Recurring Payment includes:

Other means of payment can be added in the future.

4.2. Duration of the subscription. Termination

The duration of the subscription is 1 month or 1 year (Cycle).

The subscription recovers all the modules: it is not possible to buy several modules with different Cycles of subscription.

At the end of the subscription, this one is automatically renewed, with the same Cycle.

The User wishing to cancel his or her subscription will have to make it before its term: the subscription will end then at the end of the Cycle.

When the user starts the cycle, he or she has to pay for all the cycle: no partial refund will be proceeded in case of termination before the end of the Cycle.

4.3. Non-payment

It is the responsability of the User to check that his or her PayPal account is supplied. A failure of payment gives the right to cancel the subscription without any announcement.

4.4. Trial period

The User benefits from a trial period of 14 days since the date of his or her subscription. The first withdrawal will be made at the end of this period. During this period, the User can modify his or her subscription or cancel it when he or she wishes to do it. A modification of the subscription will need a confirmation via PayPal.

4.5. Discounts

If the User benefits from a discount, this one is valid from the date of subscription for a determined duration. The discount applies to all the purchases realized during the period of discount, even if these purchases correspond to a Cycle of subscription ending after the end of the period of discount.

4.6. Prices – Downgradings – Upgrades

The indicated prices don’t include the taxes (see article 4.7).

A deleted or relegated functionnality doesn't give the right of any refund. It remains active till the end the Cycle of subscription and the modification will be effective only at the beginning of the following Cycle.

An added or outclassed functionnality is immediately activated.

If the User modify his or her subscription at least 3 days before the end of the Cycle, the additional cost connected to the activation for the time remaining until the end of the Cycle is immediately charged. The next taking will be made in the date of planned invoicing.

In the opposite, a complete Cycle is immediately charged and the next taking will be made 30 days after the date of planned invoicing for a monthly Cycle, or 365 days after the date of planned invoicing for an annual Cycle.<

If the User benefits from a discount period, this one remains valid after change of subscription.

A change of Cycle of subscription will be proceeded at the end of the current Cycle. If the modification of the subscription related to activated functionnalities have been proceeeded immediatly, its amount is calculated on the basis of the most advantageous Cycle for the User.

4.7. Taxes

The indicated prices don’t include the taxes.

If the User lives in a country of the European Union, the corresponding taxes apply and will be charged to the User.

For a User living outside the European Union, Favor is free-tax invoiced and he or she has to comply with tax regulations of their country.

During the creation of an account, the User has to indicate his or her country of residence. The PayPal account of the User must be held in the same country. If not, the creation of the account is cancelled automatically.

5. Sponsoring

5.1. Meaning

The program of Sponsoring gives to the Users the possibility to sponsor other Users and to perceive a remuneration.

We reserve the right to end this program of Sponsoring at any time.

5.2. Conditions of access

To access to the program of Sponsoring you have to be invitated first.

The Sponsor status is actually active only if it is subscribed to an annual subscription and if the trial period is finished.

The method of access to the program can be modified in the future.

5.3. Calculation of the remuneration

A "child" is a User invited by a Sponsor.

A "grandchild" is a User sponsored by a child.

The Sponsor perceives 10 % on the amounts exclusive of tax of all the purchases realized by his or her children.

The Sponsor perceives 5 % on the amounts exclusive of tax of all the purchases realized by his or her grandchildren.

The method of calculation (percentages and "depth") can be adjusted without advance notice.

5.4. Terms of payment

The payment of profits is only made via PayPal. Thus, the Sponsor has to possess an PayPal account and check that the limits of his or her account are sufficient.

The payment is made at the request of the Sponsor.

The minimum credit to proceed to a withdrawal is at present fixed to $100.00. This minimum can be revised at any time and without advance notice.

The amount of the withdrawal is equal in all of the available credit. It is not possible to proceed to a partial withdrawal.

5.5. Rights and obligations

No agreement of partnership or relation Employer-Employee is established between Socialfave and the Sponsor.

The Sponsor has no obligation to generate incomes. He or she keeps his or her status even if he or she makes no Sponsoring.

The Sponsor has to have a responsible and respectful behavior by not turning to processes such as a spam. Any inappropriate behavior can result in the cancellation of sponsor status.

The Sponsor is responsible for complying with the law by making the necessary statements with the competent administrations.

The Sponsor is responsible for the payment of any taxes in regard to the global payments proceeded to his or her profit by Socialfave.

6.Personal data

Some personal data can be collected, either directly (in particular in the creation of the account), or indirectly (by means of the Twitter accounts or of the PayPal account of the User). This information can be used to insure the proper way of providing services and in a purpose of information (in particular to warn the User of possible incidents, modifications of the General Conditions or of the prices).

7. Evolving of the Application

Socialfave will proceed regularly to updates of the Application for improvements, additions of functionalities... These updates may result in changes in the appearance of the Application.

The update of the Application can cause a temporary interruption of the services.

8. Responsibilities of the User

The User has to have a responsible and respectful behavior. They are forbidden in particular to:

9. Responsibilities of Socialfave

Socialfave cannot guarantee a continuous functioning and functionning without errors of the services. In particular, operations of maintenance, breakdowns of network or server, could cause temporary interruptions of the services.

The performances of the Application are not guaranteed: they depend in particular on the power of the machine of the User, on the capacities of its internet connection, on the traffic, on the quantity of data (tweets, favorites) which the User has imported into the Application.

Because of the fact that Favor is an Application using the services of Twitter, it obviously depends on its possible modifications which can impact strongly on the functionnalities of the Application and can cause a regression or sometimes a deletion of certain functionnalities.

Socialfave can not be responsible for the loss of benefits or any other damage connected to the use of the Application.

In any case, if the responsibility of Socialfave must be established, it would be limited to the amounts paid by the User for the current subscription.

10. Intellectual property

The trademarks, the logos, the illustrations, the photos, the animations, the videos and the texts of the site are the property of Socialfave or its partners. Any partial or total use of these contents is strictly forbidden.

11. Applicable right

The present conditions are related to the French law and the French version of Terms and Policy, independently of the place of residence of the User.